Managed Print Services

With managed print services (MPS), you can gain visibility and control of your entire document environment. This goes way beyond reducing printing and paper usage. Just as your business is always evolving, managed print services and managed document services continue to evolve to help organisations meet the information challenges of today and tomorrow. Although overall print volumes are down, the widespread use of tablets and smart phones has created additional complexity in the print environment. IT organisations need a strategy to provide access to print from mobile devices without compromising security.

A master at MPS !

If you carefully calculate per page printing cost for your company, the high number will definitely surprise you. This high per page cost is primarily because of A) the high cost of expensive overpowered printers, B) the servicing, spares, electrical power cost of maintaining these overpowered printers and C) because all users have unrestricted access and unlimited printing rights.

With Dubaria's MPS you get total print fleet management where any investment in capital expenditure for printers as well as for spares, repairs, upgrades and consumables is made by Dubaria Computers Private Limited – You just incur the operational expense on a cost per print model.

By outsourcing to an MPS provider, you enjoy ‘Green operations’ with lower power usage & reduced toner waste. And while Managed print service spans the purchase, maintenance and operation of the total print fleet – you get a simple Invoice detailing just the cost per print for various printers.