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▶ Dye Based, Aqueous Based & Pigment Based
▶ 42 ML Printing Ink
▶ Available with Black, Red, Yellow, Invisible, Green, Blue & White Color
▶ Industry Standard Quick Dry
▶ Compatible With Multiple TIJ 2.5 Print Heads

Used With : HP, HSA, Rena, FP Mailing, AstroJet, Bryce, Buskro, Hasler, MCS Inc., Data Pac, Video Jet, Microboards, Kirk Rudy, Accufast, Add-Jet, Inc. Jet, Secap

Best Value Products

Enabler For HP Thermal Inkjet 2.5 Technology (TIJ) Family

 Part Code Part Name

HP Bulk Print Cartridge Connector Protector

F0M03A / F0M04A HP Bulk Print Cartridge 25-meterTube / 50 Meter
5042-7013 / 5042-7014HP Insert Fluid Connector - Male & Female
5042-7015 HP Panel Mounted Insert Fluid Connector
Q2308-60001HP Enclosed Regulator Assembly
 1825-0057HP ASIC Control Chip for Printers
 5182-6837 / 5182-6838HP Pen Cartridge Wiper & HP Pen Cartridge Cap
C4557-60045HP Pen Cartridge Latch
C4557-60105HP Pogo Pin Connectors
C6166-80001HP Ribbon Cable
C8855MHP Print Cartridge Driver Board Cartridge
 CQ801BHP Host Printer Smart Card Component
 CQ802AHP Smart Card Print Crtrg Driver Board
 CQ803AHP Smart Card Print Cartridge Stall
F0L72AHP Valve for Bulk Print Cartridge
Q2308-60015HP Modular Ink Supply Station

InkJet Cartridges

We offer range of Aqueous & Solvent Ink Cartridges for TIJ 2.5 Thermal InkJet Technology

Dubaria 1918 Ink Cartridge

Dubaria 2580 Ink Cartridge

Dubaria 45 Ink Cartridge